Monday, June 29, 2009

Put Your (Money, Toys, Clothes, Remote Controls, Cell Phones, Etc.) Where Your Mouth Is

The other day I went to the auto parts store to find new wiper blades for my car. I looked carefully around the store, found the blades I was looking for, and then immediately PUT MY MOUTH ON THEM!

I found myself at the public library trying to find a book on lawn care. As soon as I found what I needed I PUT MY MOUTH ON IT!

As the weather is getting nicer, I've decided to do more biking. So I dusted off the old bicycle, pumped up the tires, tightened the chain, and PUT MY MOUTH ON IT!

A buddy of mine let me borrow a CD, so I PUT MY MOUTH ON IT!

Mowed my lawn, PUT MY MOUTH ON IT!

Did the laundPUT MY MOUTH ON IT!

Sound odd? This is how Abbey is behaving these days. Her first instinct, no matter what the object, is to PUT HER MOUTH ON IT!

...of course, as good parents, we make sure everything is clean...

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